Yuuki Ochi (Utsumi Nariaki / Kamen Rider Mad Rogue) Retires from Acting Industry

Actor Yuuki Ochi who had played Utsumi Nariaki / Kamen Rider Mad Rogue in Kamen Rider Build had updated his blog announcing his retirement from the acting industry with the resignment from his current talent agency. He had mentioned that he going on a different path from now. The reason for his retirement seems to be related to less opportunity considering his current age to be 30.

He's the translation of his last announcement.

Important Announcement This time Yuuki Ochi had resigned from the office on December 31st. I have decided to walk a different path. I know this is a sudden announcement, but I really apologize to everyone who used to support me till now. I am 30 now and considering the difficulties of Corona, I have thought a lot. During my 20s, I didn't think much about my future where you consider it in a good way or bad way. All I thought was to do my best in the current job and grow. But after 25, I began to think whether this is ok? I couldn't imagine myself when I would be 30 years old or 40 years old. This is the truth. When I became 30 this year, I got to think a lot. I really got a lot of time to think this year. For me 30 years old is still young. I have decided that if I have to change something then it's now. When I look back, it was really a good acting life. It was really a recharging moments when I got work with my co-stars and staff in different works. To all the fans who support me, If you guys weren't there then I would have given up this job even before. There were funs times and also painful times, but I have no regrets. It was because of connection with everyone. I am really, really Thankful. Yuuki Ochi #YuukiOchi

During the Press Conference of Kamen Rider Build he had mentioned that he had taken the Kamen Rider auditions multiple times in the past and he was happy that he finally he got to appear in Kamen Rider Build and also to transform into a Kamen Rider. It's good that he got to fulfill his dream.

After end of Kamen Rider Build, he rarely to got appear in any TV or Movie works. He did get to act in couple stage shows after.

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