Zenkaiger Episode 18 New Pics: Zenkaizer Will Marry

Wind of Love breezes on everyone in Zenkaiger Episode 18! and the new pic released just today shows Zenkaizer marrying someone. Who is the bride? Is this for real?

By the way, that's how Zenkaizer's suit looks without the golden armor.

Each one of the Zenkaiger will fall in love with someone. Juran with Gaon. Zocks with a Kikainoid who plays Guitar. With Zocks away with his love, Flint is sad. Magine comforts her and Flint falls in love with Magine.

When it comes to Vroon on whom the episode will focus will fall in love with Kaito's classmate. He will learn for the first time.

By the Shinichiro Shirakura had promised 'Jetman' for this episode.

TV Asahi hints to the fans that Kaito will fall in love... Forbidden Love!

Hope it doesn't create a Nexus Event.

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