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Zenkaiger New Info Out! Movie Ranger Teaser Revealed!

Toei & TV-Asahi had dropped the information about Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and they have officially revealed that this team will contain one human and four robos. The Robo which are human sized now will turn into giant to fight the large monsters.

Geartlinger is the going to be the item which they'll use to transform and also fight. Super Sentai Gear is going to be the item which contains the power of Super Sentai which can be used with Geartlinger.

A close up on the Sentai Gears reveal that each of the Sentai Gear have the face of the Zenkaiger with the number of Sentai team which they are based on.

  • Zenkai Zyuran is 16

  • Zenkai Gaon is 25

  • Zenkai Imajean is 29

  • Zenkai Bluen is 30

  • and Zenkaiser is 45 making him the original.

The series will start broadcasting from March 7th and there will be a Press Conference on January 15th where they have will announce the Cast and Voice Cast for the series.

It's not known whether these four robos will have a human form or they will be only voice characters. If all four are voice characters, then Zenkaiser will be only actual actor of the team. Toei might have actually come across this plan due to the limitation of number of people in the filming.

The Series is Produced by Chihiro Inoue from TV-Asahi, Shinichiro Shirakura & Naomi Takebe from Toei, Koichi Yada & Akihiro Fukuda from Toei Agency. The screenplay is by Junko Komura and Director is Shojiro Nakazawa.

Saburo Hatte is of course credited for Original Work and Special Thanks to Shotaro Ishinomori for being the Creator of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and JAKQ Dengeki-tai.

Let's not forget that Zenkaigers will make their first appearance in Super Sentai Movie Ranger 2021 and their movie will be titled as "Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger THE MOVIE".

Check out the First Teaser for the Movie Ranger 2021.