Zenkaiger Scans: First Teaser of TwoKaizer & Zenkaigers Attacked by Gorenger, Magiranger & Boukenger

First Tease of Zenkaiger's 6th Member → TwoKaizer.

That helmet looks cool. Looking at the silhouette, he has collar and it also looks like he has the chest armor just like Zenkaizer.

Zenkaigers will be attacked by Gorenger, Magiranger & Boukengers. Though the reason is not given in the scans, I believe that these are the clones created using the Purple Sentai Gears.

It's Vs Super Sentai in TV Series!

Among the robots who were confirmed to appear in the Uchusen scans, we are also going to get Daizyuzin & Gao King against Zenkai-Oh JuraGaon. Similarly DaiBouken & Magi King will fight against Zenkai-Oh VrooMagine.

Gosei Great & Geki Tohja are also going to appear.

There will be Gomi Warudo (Gomi = Garbage) who will turn Kaito, Juran & Gaon into Garbage. They are in the threat of being thrown away like Garbage.

Gaon will save a cat from Garbage.

In the end, Zenkai-Oh JuraGaon will defeat Dai-Gomi Warudo.

  • Kyuranger Sentai Gear - Kaito & Juran will get Shishi Red's (Lucky) lucky power to fight against Sushi Warudo when they are held together like a Sushi with a Bench.

  • Go-Busters Sentai Gear - Zenkaigers will get Go-Busters' Speed, Power and Jump ability.

  • Ryusoulger Sentai Gear - Zenkaizer can summon Ryusoul Ken

  • Gaon, Magine & Vroon will dress up as Sushi makers in the next episode.

  • In one of the future episodes, Vroon will be seen cleaning the city.

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