Zenkaiger Scans: Sentai Gear - Borrow Ability Attacks, Robo Fights & more

Zenkaigers using the powers of various Sentais using Sentai Gears.

1. Go-Busters - Zenkaiser move at Hyper Speed and attack the enemies. 2. ToQger- Zenkaigers will form a line to resemble train and attack the enemy. 3. Zyuohger - Zenkaiger gets Eagle Wings of Zyuoh Eagle. With this he can fly. 4. Goggle-V - Zenkai Juran & Zenkaiser can summon the stick with Ribbon and perform Gymnastic attacks. 5. Dairanger - Zenkaiser can summon the Dairen-Rod 6. Hurricaneger - Zenkaiser can perform Air Kick on the enemy like Hurricane Red 7. Ninninger - Zenkai Juran can perform the attack Ninpou Otogi 8. Lupinranger Super Red ver. (Exclusive for Magazine scan) - Zenkaiser can open any locker

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