Zenkaiger Scans: Staceaser's Battle Ceaser Robo, TwoKaizer Shinken & Ohran Form, TwoKai-Oh & more

Staceaser's Robo will be called as Battle Ceaser Robo. Just like how Staceaser is based on Battle Japan, Battle Ceaser Robo is based on Battle Fever Robo.

That's enough of spotlight for Staceaser. Time for some focus on TwoKaizer next.

TwoKaizer will use TwoKai Kattana Gear to transform into Shinken Form and similarly TwoKai Rikki Gear to transform into Ohran Form. When their Gears are used, they (Kattana & Rikki) themselves combine with TwoKaizer.

It was a bit unclear on Ohran Form's motif before. But the scan had confirmed that it is based on King Ranger.

Similar to Zenkaigers, TwoKaizer can also use the Super Sentai Gears to harness their powers. He will use the Sentai Gear of Gekiranger to fight against a Warudo in May.

The Pirate Ship used by Zox & his GoldTweaker family to travel around the world is called as Crocodai-Oh. It can split into two parts → Cross Sky-Oh & Crawling-Oh.

Cross Sky-Oh will be driven by Kattana and it can fly in air. Crawling-Oh will be driven by Rikki and it can used as a Bike.

Crocodai-Oh has two faces. Left face is Gold & Right face is Silver. Kattana can combine with Gold Face of Crocodai-Oh to form TwoKai-Oh Kattana. Similarly Rikki can combine with Silver Face to form TwoKai-Oh Rikki.

To transform into this, TwoKaizer has to use TwoKai Kattana & TwoKai Rikki Gears.

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