Zenkaiger Scans: Zenkaiju Gear, Super Zenkaizer, Super Twokaizer & Zenkaiju-Oh

Zenkaiju Gear is created by both Flint and Secchan. Flint has got the data from somewhere to create it. It has the power of Kaiju. It has two modes - Kaiju Mode & Sentai Gear mode.

Super Zenkaizer can grow giant and the Geartlinger will say "Big Ban!!" during transformation.

Super Zenkaizer has multiple attacks using his Tail Drill.

Super Twokaizer has the ability to go fast. He can also attack beams from his chest armor.

Super Zenkaizer & Super Twokaizer's finisher are called Zenkai Shoot & Twokai Shoot respectively.

Zenkaiju-Oh can shoot missiles, beams, rockets from him. I mean he is more dangerous than Mecha-Godzilla.

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