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Zenkaiger Scans: Zenkaizer Vs Twokaizer Vs Staceaser

In the Zenkaizer Vs Twokaizer fight which will be next Sunday, we get to see Twokaizer use Kyuranger Gear. He will borrow Koguma Sky Blue's Ability to become big.

On the other hand, Zenkaizer will use Maskman's Gear to borrow the Aura Power. Using that he will fly in the air.

Zenkai Vs Twokai fight will end up in Zenkaigers & Twokaizer joining forces together to fight against Staceaser. Stacy will summon J.A.K.Q. to attack the Zenkaigers. But Twokaizer will use J.A.K.Q. Gear to borrow the ability of Big One's command. He will make the J.A.K.Q.s attack Stacy.

This month we are getting Retro Warudo & Jishaku Warudo (Magnet Warudo). Twokai-Oh will turn into its Bazooka form this month.

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