Zenkaiger THE MOVIE: Red Fight! All Sentai Gather!! Trailer & Poster

  • Zenkaigers are fighting Tojitendo's combat men Kudakku.

  • They do their role call and the people react and cheer to it.

  • Kudakku and their lead Kudaiter get defeated. Kudaiter can speak normally.

  • Ijirude inserts a Tojiru Gear inside a Kudakku to give birth to the main villain of the movie - Super Warumono Warudo.

  • Super Warumono Warudo uses his ability and summons the past Super Sentai villains who appear in front of the Zenkaiger member separately, attack & kidnap them.

  • Once kidnapped they are tied in the open place where the Final Battle will take place.

  • All the past Super Sentai villains + Super Warumono Warudo are standing in front of Zenkaiger. But all Kaito can think of is that they are able to have Pizza - Sukiyaki Party.

  • That's where the rescue arrives. All the Red Warriors gather and Akarenger says "We will take over from here".

  • They free Zenkaigers and attack Super Sentai Villains inside a big tornado. Even Zenkaigers are puzzled with what's going on.

  • Kaito transforms into Zenkaiser and Akarenger reacts with the gag line "You are not Red?"

  • Kaito claims to become the First Super Sentai to defeat all the Villains

  • Then there is a scene where's Akarenger's alter-ego Tsuyoshi Kaijou and the Red Sentai sparkling with light. They seem to accept the new Sentai Team → Zenkaiger and pass on the legacy to them. Most probably the final scene of the movie.

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