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Zenkaiger THE MOVIE Returning Cast + Super Warumono Warudo Cast Announced: Basco, Zamigo & more

It was already known that Basco ta Jolokia is going to appear in Zenkaiger THE MOVIE because of the previous trailer. But we were still unsure whether Kei Hosogai will reprise as the character. But today's announcement confirmed about his reprisal.

Basco's buddy Sally who died by sacrificing her life for Captain Marvelous in Gokaiger is also revived in the movie.

Both of them will confront Kaito and Juran and kidnap them.

Zamigo from Lupinranger Vs Patranger is also going to appear with his Packet of Ice. He will of course be reprised by Jingi Irie. Zamigo will confront Gaon to kidnap him.

Nobutoshi Kanna and Megumi Han are going to have Voice Reprisal as Bangray (from Zyuohger) & Kyuemon Izayoi (from Ninninger). Bangray will attack Magine and Kyuemon will attack Vroon.

Zenkaiger THE MOVIE's villain Super Warumono Warudo is going to be voiced by Tomokazu Seki. He is the one who had revived / summoned the villains of past Super Sentai in the movie.

His design is inspired from Black Cross from Gorenger and it looks like he has the face of past villains on his body. Basically he is the Complete Form of Super Sentai villains.

Kaito's parents are also going to appear in Zenkaiger THE MOVIE.