Zenkaiger TV Series & Movie Scans: Fight, Finisher, Introduction to Tojitendo Characters the Enemies

Zenkaiger THE MOVIE's main villain is going to be Super Warumono Warudo who has the ability to summon past Super Sentai villains.

In Kaito's world, Kikainoid and Humans live together peacefully. Kikainoids originally weren't from earth, but they arrived one day.

When Zenkaiger's Finisher attack is called Zenkai Finish Buster in which all five of the Zenkaigers will use the Geartlinger and shoot the enemy.

When Zenkaiser uses Zyuoh Eagle's Sentai Gear, he gets ability to fly. This process of using past Sentai's power is termed as Borrow Ability.

Introduction to Tojiendo Dynasty (Zenkaiger's Enemy)

  1. Barshitara is the Action Captain of Tojitendo (His name means 'If you Leak')

  2. Ijirude is the Technician of Tojitendo who's task is to create monsters of the week → Warudo. He will insert Tojiru Gear into the combatmen → Kudakku to create a Warudo.

  3. Kudakku means 'To make something down'. Warudo means "Evil Guy". It also sounds like World.

  4. So when a Warudo is created using the Tojiru Gear of a Parallel World, it links the Zenkaiger's world with that Parallel World.

  5. Kudakku is lead by an Kudaiter.

  6. When a Warudo is in near crisis, Tojitendo's giant robo → Kudaitest will absorb that Warudo to take the appearance of that Warudo.

  7. The first Warudo to appear in TV Series is called as Kinoko Warudo (Mushroom Warudo) who has the ability to grown Mushrooms on people's head.

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