Zenkaiger Upgrades, New Gattais & Ultimate Gattai Robo Leaked in July - August Toy Listing

Zenkaiger Toy Listing for July & August has revealed the Zenkaiger upgrades.

1. Zenkaizer & TwoKaizer will transform into Super Zenkaizer & Super TwoKaizer using Zenkai Juu Gear. As per Akkinews, this Zenkai Juu Gear will be pretty much similar to Kamen Rider W's Fang Memory.

2. Super Zenkaizer will look similar to GouRyuuJin from Zyuranger.

3. Super TwoKaizer will have Gokai-Oh like face and the body of V-Rex from Timeranger.

Guess the point of this upgrade is to make the human warriors look similar to Dinosaur themed Robots.

4. Super Zenkaizer can form Gattai with Juran to form Super Zenkai-Oh.

5. Super TwoKaizer can form Gattai with TwoKai Rikki & Crocodai-Oh to form Super TwoKai-Oh.

6. The Ultimate Gattai formation will be called Super World Gattai Beast - Zenkai Juu-Oh.

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