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Zenkaiger Vs Gokaiger G-Rosso Show Announced

I have been hearing a lot from fans wanting Zenkaiger Vs Gokaiger TTFC Spin-Off or Movie recently. Looks like the officials have heard it too. Though it's not going to be a Spin-Off or Movie, it's going to happen as G-Rosso Show.


"Zenkaigers and Twokaizer have just defeated Barashitara & Kudakku who were attacking people. Within a couple of seconds, an unknown monster arrives from space and attacks them! Zenkaigers & Twokaizer are forced to struggle to fight against him.

The very next moment you see Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger making their dashing appearance. But they were actually pointing their gun towards....?!

Zenkai! Twokai! Gokai! Three Great Powers Clash!!

What lies at the end of this battle?"

The show will start from July.

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