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Zero-One Actress Asumi Narita (Shesta) Becomes The Finalist of Miss Nippon Contest 2022

Actress Asumi Narita who had played Shesta in Kamen Rider Zero-One has become the finalist of (54th) Miss Nippon Contest 2022. This was announced at the contest event held on September 14th.

Miss Nippon East Japan Representative had said that Asumi Narita is "not only focusing on her outside but also to keep herself clean from inside".

Asumi Narita had said she wants to become a Model & Actress who will represent Japan. She had continued by revealing the reason why she decided to join the Entertainment Industry and also talked about her work in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

From a young age, I had the complex of being skinny. To go against that I decided to give life to my body by joining the Entertainment Industry. I gained confidence for the first time when I was the Exclusive model of Seventeen.
When I got involved in Kamen Rider which is one of the representative works of Japan, I realized the big reactions from around the world. Even now, I want to convey Japan's amazing culture and tradition as an Artist.

Asumi Narita and the eight others were selected as the finalist among the 25 participants who had passed the document & interview examination. The winner will be decided on January 24th, 2022.

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