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Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai Cast & Character Introduction

Actress Yui Narumi is going to play Soldier type Humagear Sold 20. It's not known whether she will transform into a Kamen Rider or maybe a Raider as she possesses a Progrise Key.

Yui Narumi has appeared in Asadora "Natsuzora" and also in "My Love, My Baker".

Ken Sugawara joins the cast as another Soldier type Humagear Sold 9. You many have not noticed. He had previously also appeared in RIDER TIME: Ryuki as Kamen Rider Tiger.

Vancouver, Canada based Actor & Poet Jai West is going to play the role of ZAIA Enterprise Head Office's CEO Rion Arkland. Looks like Satellite ARK was named after him. Jai West was also the part of Iron Chef Canada.

Kazuyuki Aijima is going to play the role of Secretary of Defense Shigeru Daimonji. He has negative thoughts on Humagear.

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