Zero-One the Movie Staff Speak → Eden's Motif is Human, Hideaki Ito Himself Wanted to Appear & more

Hideaki Ito reaching out for the Role Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REAL × TIME Staff Talk event took place recently and the staff featured Takahito Omori (Chief Producer), Teruaki Sugihara (Director) & Yuya Takahashi (Screenplay). They have lots of interesting facts about the production of the movie.

So first of all, they have revealed that they didn't reach out to Hideaki Ito for the role of Esu / Kamen Rider Eden. Instead one day, that is before the production of the movie Toei got a call from Hideaki Ito's manager asking if Kamen Rider's movie has been planned? Toei Staff replied that is not yet.

Toei Staff didn't knew that it was related to Hideaki Ito, they just thought it was something to do with his Talent Agency A-Team. After few days, the manager contacted again now revealing that Hideaki Ito wants to appear in Kamen Rider Zero-One's movie. Toei Staff did say that it is possible, but also said that it will be on the villain side. Hideaki Ito's manager said it was Ok.

It seems he liked Kamen Rider Zero-One from the beginning. He was pretty friendly in the filming and used to talk about his favourite Anime with the Director. During the filming, he didn't require to be instructed on how to use the Eden Driver, Progrise Key or even Thousand Jacker. He was able to use it himself.

Kamen Rider Eden's Motif

Cinematoday had recently interviewed other set of the movie staff where they have revealed the Kamen Rider Eden's motif being Human. The red lines on his Body are the blood vessels.

Mitsutaka Inoue (Bandai's Product Planning Manager) - "Usually the ZetsumeRise Key depicts extinct animals. But this time this key depicts Humans. Belt and Suit is based on Zero-One Riders, so it gives it a special feel".

Takato Yamashita - "It's born from the Key that puts Humans into Extinction. Omori-san's First Order was the Boss who transforms using Human ZetsumeRise Key. Zero-One is a work whose motif is animals. But this time we finally get a Human Motif Rider. It's a special one, hence I design it focus on this concept. All lines from Human's body. I had imaged it after blood vessels flowing in the body. Since this is a Kamen Rider, I was particular about not turning it into Grotesque and has to look Heroic".

Kamen Rider Lucifer and Lucifer

Kamen Rider Lucifer's motif is completely skeleton. You can clearly see the bones on his back and you can also see bones during transformation.

Even though it's Kamen Rider Lucifer there are no references to the fallen angel Lucifer. The reason is that the name for the Rider was decided late in the production. Teruaki Sugihara-san had mentioned that if this was decided at the beginning then he would have added scattered feathers in the effects.

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